Steven T. Stull


Steven T. Stull joined our Board of Directors in October 2000. Since 1992, Mr. Stull has served as president of Advantage Capital Partners, a private equity firm, which he co-founded, serving as the firm’s chief executive officer and directing investment policy, overall operations, strategic planning, and fundraising activities; overseeing investments and portfolio companies in the technology, business, financial and information services industries. Mr. Stull also serves as a director for numerous private companies, including serving as member of audit and compensation committees. Prior to founding Advantage Capital Partners, Mr. Stull served for nine years as an executive in the investment department of General American Life Insurance Company, heading its securities division and personally managing its high yield, convertible, and preferred stock portfolios. Mr. Stull also has experience as a chief financial officer of an information services company and has also worked within a commercial bank and a savings and loan association.

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