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FLEETCOR TECHNOLOGIES INC filed this Form DEF 14A on 05/01/2017
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Employment Agreements, Severance and Change of Control Benefits
Ronald F. Clarke
We entered into an amended and restated employment agreement with Mr. Clarke on November 29, 2010, which amended and restated his employment agreement of September 25, 2000.
The initial term of the employment agreement was through December 31, 2011. Per the agreement, the agreement automatically renews for successive one year periods unless we provide notice at least 30 days prior to the expiration date.
Mr. Clarke is entitled to an annual base salary of at least $687,500, with annual increases at the discretion of the compensation committee.
We may terminate Mr. Clarke’s employment under the agreement by providing 30 days prior written notice and the payment of all sums due under the agreement. If we terminate Mr. Clarke’s employment for any reason other than for “cause” (as defined below), including through non-renewal of the agreement, Mr. Clarke will receive (1) cash severance payments, in equal monthly installments over 12 months (the “Severance Period”), in an amount equal to 150% of his then- current annual base salary plus any accrued and unpaid vacation; (2) at his election, payment of his health insurance premiums for coverage under COBRA in amounts equal to those made immediately prior to his termination until the earlier of the expiration of the Severance Period or his commencement of employment with another employer; and (3) continuation of coverage during the Severance Period under our life and disability insurance plans, if permitted by the terms of the plans.
If within 12 months following a change in control Mr. Clarke’s employment is terminated by him for good reason or is terminated by the Company for any reason other than cause, Mr. Clarke can elect to have us purchase from him any remaining equity in the Company that he held at January 1, 2010 and still holds. At December 31, 2016, this included 750,000 stock options. The purchase price would be at the fair market value.
In addition to Mr. Clarke’s rights under his employment agreement, he also has all rights and conditions as to stock and stock options granted to him under our 2010 Plan, which provides that all awards will accelerate if Mr. Clarke is terminated without cause within the two year period following a change in control or Mr. Clarke resigns for good reason during such period (a double trigger). The fair market value is determined by the change in control price, if the change in control is a cash transaction, or, in all other cases, by the Board of Directors in good faith.
“Cause” is defined to mean: Mr. Clarke’s (1) failure to render services to us; (2) commission of an act of disloyalty, gross negligence, dishonesty or breach of fiduciary duty; (3) material breach of the agreement; (4) commission of any crime or act of fraud or embezzlement; (5) misappropriation of our assets; (6) violation of our material written rules or policies; (7) commission of acts generating material adverse publicity toward us; (8) commission or conviction of a felony; or (9) death or inability due to disability to perform his essential job functions for a period of three months.
“Good reason” is defined to mean, following a change in control, and without Mr. Clarke’s written consent: (1) there is a significant diminution in his responsibilities; (2) a reduction in his annual base salary or total compensation and benefits in the amount of 10% or more; (3) his principal place of employment is relocated to a place that is 25 miles from the prior principal place of employment; or (4) he is required to be away from his office 25% more than was required prior to the change in control.
“Change in control” has the same definition as in the 2010 Plan.
Other named executive officers
We entered into offer letter agreements with Messrs. Dey, Coughlin, Freund and House in connection with their hiring. Consistent with these offer letters and our historic practice, if any of these named executive officers is terminated by us for any reason other than for cause, we will (1) pay cash severance in the amount of six months of his then-current base salary and (2) provide health benefits for six months, each upon execution of a general release.
Confidentiality and Non-Competition Agreements
Under the terms and conditions of the employee confidentiality, work product and non-solicitation agreement executed by our named executive officers, which survives any termination of such executive’s employment, our named executive officers, for a period of one year following termination for any reason, have an obligation not to:
disclose certain of our confidential information,
accept employment with certain enumerated competitors,
solicit, in competition with our sale of products or services, any of our customers with which such executive had substantial contact within one year of such executive’s termination and