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FLEETCOR TECHNOLOGIES INC filed this Form DEF 14A on 05/01/2017
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option’s exercise price. In addition, we believe that performance-based restricted stock and stock awards are effective tools for meeting our compensation goals because the conditions to vesting motivate the achievement of performance goals and the value of the grants will increase as the value of our stock price increases.
We have not historically provided equity awards (in the form of stock options or performance-based restricted stock) to our executives on an annual basis. The compensation committee has established an annual program to award performance-based restricted stock to executive officers based on Company-wide performance (e.g. EPS), which was again renewed for 2017.
We typically use equity awards to compensate our executives in the form of (1) initial grants in connection with the commencement of employment and additional “refresher” grants when an executive has vested in his or her existing grants and (2) grants designed to encourage specific performance goals. To date there has been no set program for the award of refresher grants, and our compensation committee retains discretion to make equity awards at any time, including in connection with the promotion of an executive, to reward an executive, for retention purposes or for other circumstances. Our compensation committee has established a pool of shares available for equity awards. All awards are subject to the availability of shares from this pool.
In determining the size of the long-term equity incentives to be awarded to our executives, we take into account a number of internal factors, such as the relative job scope, the value of existing long-term incentive awards, individual performance history, prior contributions to the Company, the size of prior grants, arm’s-length negotiation at the time of an executive’s hiring and availability of shares in our pool. Our chief executive officer makes equity award grant recommendations for each executive, including our named executive officers (other than himself). Grant recommendations are presented to the compensation committee for its review and approval.
Prior to our initial public offering, we granted options and performance-based restricted stock to our employees, including executive officers, under the FleetCor Technologies, Inc. Amended and Restated Stock Incentive Plan, which we refer to as our “2002 Plan.” Since our initial public offering, we have granted time-based stock options, performance-based stock options, time-based restricted stock, market-based restricted stock and performance-based restricted stock to our employees, including our executive officers, under the FleetCor Technologies, Inc. 2010 Equity Compensation Plan, which we refer to as our “2010 Plan.”
The compensation committee may, at any time and from time to time, amend, modify or terminate any outstanding award. Award modifications may be made in order to realign the performance objectives of the award with the current goals of the company and role of the participant in the Company. Award modifications are revalued at the date of modification in accordance with applicable accounting guidance.
2016 Equity awards. During 2016, we granted the following equity awards to our named executive officers (excluding award modifications):
Performance-based restricted stock
Time-based stock options
Ronald F. Clarke

Eric R. Dey

John S. Coughlin

Charles Freund

Todd W. House

Performance-based restricted stock grants. Certain of our performance-based restricted stock grants contain individual or business unit performance conditions. Such shares typically do not vest until these performance conditions have been satisfied. For 2016, approximately 80% of stretch targets related to performance-based restricted stock grants were attained. The earning of these performance based restricted stock awards is indicative of the performance of the Company during the same period.
We also provide performance-based restricted stock grants based on Company-wide performance conditions. The compensation committee approved an annual program for granting of performance-based restricted stock grants based on the Company achieving adjusted earnings per share “EPS” targets. This program awarded each executive officer annual grants tied to Company-wide goals and helps align their interests and compensation with those of our stockholders. We refer to these awards as EPS grants. The Company has historically attained its performance goals and thus these EPS grants have historically vested at 100%. The EPS grants award program was reviewed in 2016 and approved by the compensation committee for continuance in 2017.
Performance-based stock option grants. We also may provide performance-based stock option grants based on Company-wide performance conditions. These awards are typically designed as stretch target awards at the time of grant. The exercise price of each stock option grant is the fair market value of our common stock on the grant date (closing stock price) and typically vests over a