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FLEETCOR TECHNOLOGIES INC filed this Form DEF 14A on 05/01/2017
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and achievement of long-term goals measured over a multi-year period (long-term equity incentive plan). In support of our long-term goals, we incentivize and reward our executives with performance-based restricted stock to be earned based on (1) multiple financial and performance measures (performance shares) and (2) our annual company-wide performance for achieving adjusted net income per diluted share (EPS shares). We believe the performance shares and EPS shares align the interests of executives with those of our stockholders. Also in support of our long-term goals, we incentivize our executives with time-based stock option awards, typically at the time of their hiring and when initial time based stock option awards are vested.
For our chief executive officer, as well as our other named executive officers, target achievement criteria under our short-term and long-term incentive programs in 2016 are performance-based, except for certain time-based stock option grants. However, we view these stock option grants as being performance-based, because they have no value to the executives unless our stock price increases. In addition, our long-term incentives are 100% stock-based, so that the value of the shares earned fluctuates with stock price during the performance and vesting periods, aligning our executives’ interests with those of our stockholders. Executives are also subject to stock ownership guidelines, and the shares they are required to hold under that program also fluctuate with stock price.
As described above, our operating performance for 2016 continued to be strong, despite the unfavorable macroeconomic environment. This performance is reflected in the pay earned by the named executive officers in 2016.
In aggregate for fiscal year 2016, the named executive officers earned 125% of target for the annual cash incentive program, excluding guaranteed and other discretionary bonus amounts. These payouts were a result of achieving specific profitability, adjusted cash net income earnings per share, and individual goals set in February 2016.
In aggregate, executives earned approximately 80% of targets for the long-term equity incentive plan in connection with the performance based restricted share awards utilizing financial measures in 2016. The payouts were a result of achieving specific adjusted net income per diluted share “EPS” and personal performance goals, with certain awards containing additional time based vesting criteria. The value of the restricted awards changes as our stock price changes, thereby continuing to align executive and shareholder interests.
We continue to evaluate our plans each year against various sets of market data to further align our pay practices with performance to ensure that we pay for performance.
The Role of Say-On-Pay Vote and Stockholder Outreach Program
At our annual meeting of stockholders held in May 2014, a majority of the votes cast on the say-on-pay proposal did not support the proposal.
In order to determine the concerns of our stockholders with respect to our executive compensation program, the chairman of the compensation committee engaged in investor outreach on behalf of the committee. During 2014, the committee chairman spoke with investors representing more than 25% of our outstanding shares to better understand investor perspectives.
The feedback in general requested clearer disclosure of equity award information and supporting considerations, while recognizing that disclosure must be made in a manner that would not reveal FleetCor confidential information. Investors generally did not express concern over the magnitude of executive compensation in light of the exceptional performance of the Company, but some expressed concern over certain performance goals and the potential misperception that the performance measures were not challenging enough, likely due to delays between the date the committee initially considered the performance goals and the date the performance goals were actually approved.
In light of the outcome of the vote and the stockholder outreach, the compensation committee continues to evaluate its approach to executive compensation, specifically for our chief executive officer. The committee had engaged its compensation consultant to advise about ways to address investor concerns, including ways to implement a more even annual equity grant program. In addition, the Board determined to reconstitute the committee to bring it fresh perspectives. In November 2014, when Mr. Hagerty joined the Board, he also assumed the chairmanship of the compensation committee.
We provide our stockholders with the opportunity to cast an advisory vote on executive compensation (a “say-on-pay proposal”) every three years. Therefore, the next say-on-pay vote is at this annual meeting. The compensation committee will continue to consider the outcome of our say-on-pay votes when making future compensation decisions for the named executive officers. We welcome input from our stockholders on our compensation policies and compensation program at any time, not just in the years when we conduct a say-on-pay vote.
Our Compensation Philosophy
The compensation committee of our Board of Directors is responsible for establishing and implementing our compensation philosophy. Our compensation committee evaluates and determines the levels and forms of individual compensation for our executive officers.